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Who Else Wants To Flood Their Paypal Account With Instant Commissions?

Finally, you can now get your cash instantly when the customer clicks 'buy'...

"what a great idea this is... Very, very smart - I love it!"

Paul Graham

From: Mark Idzik
RE: Your Affiliate Commissions

Dear Friend,

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn online, but it has one disadvantage. You often have to wait weeks or months to get paid!

Instant Affiliate Commissions

But there is a solution.

They're called instant commission affiliate programs. These programs pay commissions directly to your Paypal account at the time of sale. So when your referrals buy, they pay you directly for the stated commission rate! Instant cash immediately!

Commissions as High as $279!

The more than 250 programs in this directory have commissions ranging from 40% to 100% and are priced from $5 to $279! You'll find both one-time sale programs as well as recurring programs as well.

"Wow, this is a cool new concept and I like it."

Ken Sar

"I think it's really great, which is an understatement. The price is really affordable, which seems unusual for an organizer style item... and being preset up makes it such a breeze. It will be a primary piece of essential software for my future iBiz. So Affiliate Commissions Instantly is not only very handy, it's outright brilliant!"


"I love the ACI software!"


"Affiliate Commissions Instantly just rocks and
it's a cool bit of software!"

Brian C.

"WOW! This is the best product i have ever purchased
over the internet. Great, great tool"


Update - Now Over 425+ Products!

In this latest version, we just added almost 100 new affiliate programs with over 200+ products between them that pay between 50-100% instant commissions. That makes a total of over 425+ opportunities to earn instant cash!

  • 95 programs pay 100% instant commissions
  • Some programs pay direct monthly recurring commissions
  • 6 programs pay $190 or more
Here's what you'll get with Affiliate Commissions Instantly: instant affiliate commissions
  • Over 250 instant commission affiliate programs
  • Categorized by commission
  • Commissions range from $5 - $279 $514 (new)!
  • Both one-time sale and monthly recurring sale programs
  • Product categories include:
    • Internet Marketing
    • Health, Fitness & Weightloss
    • Web Hosting
    • Templates
    • Social Media
    • Automation
    • Financial
    • Graphics
    • Software
    • List Building
    • Auctions
    • Video Marketing
    • Scripts
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Food
    • Alternative Energy
    • and many more...
You get everything you need to start promoting these programs in minutes. Each affiliate program listing includes:
    affiliate commission
  • Site Name
  • Sales Page URL
  • Affiliate Signup URL
  • Affiliate Link Format (if no signup needed)
  • Front End Commission
  • Back End Commission
  • Link Format (if no signup needed)
  • Commission Category
  • Product Image (if available)
Save time and money researching affiliate programs, over 250 are now at your fingertips!

Manage All Your Affiliate Programs

Now you'd probably be thrilled with just this list of these high paying affiliate programs, but there's more.

You also get an easy to use complete site management software application as well!

affiliate commission This multi-platform software will manage your affiliate programs including:

  • Site Name
  • Site URL
  • Username
  • Password
  • Category
  • Unlimited Notes
Plus you can manage your categories, add, edit or delete sites, keep your program secure by adding a 'padlock' to protect your login information, print your sites, sort them, hide them... do just about anything you'd like to keep them organized. Easily click on any affiliate program site in the software and it opens in your default browser.

And you're not limited to the sites included with Affiliate Commissions Instantly. You can add as many sites as you want! Manage all your affiliate programs... or just those included. You decide!

It's compatible with Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems, so just about anyone can use it.

Earn Commissions In Minutes

If you're serious about affiliate marketing and don't want to wait for your commissions, you'll want to download Affiliate Commissions Instantly right now. You can easily review the affiliate programs, signup and promote them quickly... and literally have PayPal cash in minutes!

100% Guarantee

You also get my 100% Guarantee. If you download this package and you don't receive over 250 instant paying affiliate programs plus the software application and aren't completely satisfied, just let us know and we'll send you a full refund, no questions asked.

Instant Download

How much would programs that pay you up to $500 for every other sale, or over 95 programs that pay you 100% instant commissions directly to your Paypal account be worth to you?

How about the easy-to-use, multi-platform software application to help manage and categorize these programs, plus add as many others as you'd like? What would software like this be worth to you?

$100? $150?

But you won't pay that much. We've kept the price low to allow access to it by anyone, just $17!

Why $17? For the price of going out to dinner you can get access to over 250 affiliate programs that will pay you instant commissions, as much as $514, directly at the time of sale. At this price it's accessible to most anyone, even the first time online marketer. Plus, anyone not serious enough to invest $17 would not take advantage of this information and put into action anyway.

Download Now for only $17!

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After signing up, your account will be activated immediately and you can download Affiliate Commissions Instantly in minutes. You'll also receive additional training and promotion tips every few days after you join as well.

To your best success and see you on the other side!

Mark Idzik
Affiliate Commissions Instantly

P.S. You won't find this comprehensive collection of affiliate programs that pay you commissions instantly anywhere. Plus you get a complete, easy to use software program that runs on all major platforms letting you manage all your affiliate programs. Priceless!

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